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Greg Coleman
Category:general -- posted at: 10:52am EST

guess whom? yes, its me..i still pay to keep my undead show alive...i ache to podcast again, but like Rip Van Winkle waking from his ultra-nap, i struggle to find who i am in this stranger universe that has arisen from what i've known ... yadda yadda. the good news is - is that i found some decent equipment for my NEW COMPUTER that i got this past year...bad news...the economy dictates that i spend cash on things like food, rent and the internet bill before gettin some podcasting crap. i have good feelings about 2010, i am confident that i will shake the dust off of these past three years and the empress of her own universe will take her place again... sigh...unfortunately i'll be doing it without the podcast pickle..that once great community will be shutting down at the end of Jan 2010...but thank goodness for Facebook so i can keep in contact WITH many of the old-timers from the halcyon days of the podosphere.. so...i just wanted to test for wormsign...i am still here..and my voice will return!
Category:announcement -- posted at: 8:11pm EST

Category:announcement -- posted at: 10:29pm EST

my own apartment!

yes, i am finally back in my own place! with internets! and cable!

so, you ask...when is the triscast coming back?


but i have an idea for a live broadcast, a virtual housewarming!

but i just wanted you all to know that my nightmare is pritty much over. and i couldnt be HAPPIER.
Category:announcement -- posted at: 6:09pm EST

so, yeah...i took oh...umteen months off from this thing, almost lost funding a few times...

just in case you still care:

*i finally got a REAL job. the commute is hell and thanks to the shitty economy and rents in the greater philly area being EXTREMEly fucking high...i'm still in dad's basement.

*we got cable but still no DSL at casa del dad...feh.

*i am happy and sane. okay, well...happy

*i had a blast at Balticon 42...and i got a ride home with some of the staff members and rode in the back seat with the "ghost" of honor - Douglas Adams...heh

* i have that itch to get back into podcasting again, but don't hold your breath folks, real life comes first...besides i have to step up with my a-game...podcasting isnt the same old rodeo anymore...there are a lot more people with talent this time round, and 1.5 hours of me bitching about my job and my neighbors aint gonna cut it anymore - but i will say that i've got some crazy ass ideas that could take root in when i do start casting again....

* for people who arent sure what i WAS about... please click on the RECOMMENDED PODCASTS for my 'better' shows...they aint all winners and i cringe to think of what i still have on this archive...sheesh.

* everlasting skype chatters, wherever you are....systris still loves her peeps!

bye for now.
Category:announcement -- posted at: 8:02pm EST

yet another pack of excuses...even I'M tired of them

Hello all, it's me again...and there's still no show!

yeah well on top of life in exiled adulthood (living in dad's basement, dealing with stepfamily, futile search for real employment), i have to deal with the fact that the household's phone and later and more importantly DSL hath been turned off. so while i could in theory produce a show on my still fucked up computer (new computer held up by faulty components and co-builder personal/financial drama[which is way worse than mine, btw]) and upload it via going to either Kinko's or the community college where i am registered (hmm...which one is CHEAPER...and will give me less bullshit about installing filezilla??? hmmm). it's just that now i am finally working full time again...BUT....

it's a SHITE job doing pharmaceutical marketing (what the FUCK does that mean, raequel?) it MEANS...that i sit in a tiny cube calling up every gaddamned CVS, WALGREENS, and RITE AID in the 48 contiguous states (not many HI and AK pharms on my workload), trying to keep track of timezones so that i don't say good afternoon to a west coast pharm tech when its morning there, trying not to blow my top when i get harshed out or hung up on by some indignant fuckmook pharm tech or worse the pharmacist themselves, trying to get them to 'commit' to recommending said product as opposed to the fifty others in the same class of drugs that do the same thing and try to make the good numbers so that when your call time/completions are posted three times a day, you don't look like a slacker jackass! *sigh*

and i get paid the empress-like sum of ten beans an hour to do all this shite. i HATE this job. i'll shout it to the rooftops, i fucking HATE this job. but at least it isn't my last job....btw, if any of my former co-workers from ICR read this....FUCK YOU in the NECK with a rusty TIRE IRON covered in BARBED WIRE...i fucking hate you you fucking fucks.

*sigh again*

so...yeah i promise after i pull a zine out of my ass for the Philly Zine Fest this coming week...yikes! i will get around to doing Triscast 28. by the by, if you haven't check out the revamped ZineVox - yes i want to do it again. zines are STILL FUCKING RELEVANT, you hear that you monitizing-hungry web 2.0 hipster douches...RELEVANT.

and now back to your regularly scheduled personal psychodramas, you've shure nuff had more than a taste of mine.

Much Love Hugs And Kisses to Nate and Di,and their lovely furbaby George... who made me feel oh so welcome and relaxed at their abode during Labor Day weekend down in SC! i promise when i get my shit together i will welcome you up here in the loverly Killadelphia Tri-State Region (300+ reported murders and counting! gotta love it)

go phillies!

love always,

raequel aka systris.

ps to tee morris: bro-lo SUCKS for what he did. fro-headed wanker.







Category:announcement -- posted at: 7:13pm EST

'live' from podcamp philly Attention people whom have reached me through podcamp smoozing and all that...i've taken the liberty of creating a "recommended podcast" category that those of you whom haven't listened to my show before, you can listen to the better produced and more interesting of my Triscast shows. so please click on that link for a more comprehensive look at the madness that is the Triscast

Podcamp Philly Rulz....for regular listeners there will be a breakdown on the next episode...whenever that ends up happening!

love always
raequel aka systris
Category:announcement -- posted at: 1:56pm EST

Podcampin again! Heading to PodCamp Philly this weekend..finally something podcast worthy is going on in philadelphia. see yall later...
Category:announcement -- posted at: 9:58pm EST

Triscast Episode 27 - Saturn Return Guess Who's Back...that's right, it's a-me, systris!

Had to start all over again with Audacity, but I managed to do it without pulling my hair out!

I talk about my challenges and changes, a great letter from a dear fan, finally some good things happening to me, and of course tons of music and whatever!

I Should Be Writing - Mur Lafferty, Parsec Award Nominee
Audio Pandemic - TWiG and Tasha

Dinosaur Pirates - Ari
Infiltrating My Way Through The System - Ayria
Mope - Bloodhound Gang
Transcend the Pain - Norine Braun
It's Such A Good Feeling - Mister Rogers

Background Sounds by SubAtomicGlue

Not So Misc Links:
Smashing Pumpkins * Nate & Di * Saturn Return via wikipedia

** music was sourced from:


My Revenge On The World
by Ayria

Buy at iTunes Music Store
Buy at eMusic
Stream from Rhapsody
Buy at Rhapsody
Buy at Napster
Buy at GroupieTunes

Direct download: triscast27.mp3
Category:recommended podcast -- posted at: 10:13am EST

updates of sorts hey folks,

just to let you know... after i thought i'd fixed my computer, it crapped out on me, so all of my triscast original files are still trapped in my hard drive. right now i am working with my friend to build a new computer which i have lovingly named Khora, after my late grandmom Cora, and literally means -

khora. n. a formless absence, and yet creative; a nothing that also evokes a future possibility; a hope; a promise.

it seems fitting!  if anyone happens to have the first 8 triscast shows saved, feel free to send them to me, in case i can never recover my data again

thanks to all who have stayed hoping i will record, i think that once i get my new pooter up and running the triscast will return. that is a definate promise.

oh and Nate And Di...where are you! i'm visiting you in THREE WEEKS and i need to know what's going on...:-P
Category:announcement -- posted at: 5:07pm EST

now guess what! after two hours on the phone with DELL tech support, plus some guesswork of my own...the PC is fixed and none of my data was lost!

so the production of the next episode goes on without too much of a hitch! so remember kids, save all of your setup software, back up your hard drive and make sure that your virus/malware killers are up to date!

and a special note to whomever runs pwinsider dot com, your spambot and trojan planting ass is mine! if you are into prowrestling, do NOT go to that site! it will fuck up your computer if you aren't protected!
Category:announcement -- posted at: 9:26am EST

guess what! Just when I started to do stuff for ep 27, my hard drive crashed!!!!! So I am writing you from my sidekick to let you know that until this is resolved I can't do a gorram thing with the triscast or anything else I need my pc for.... Argh!
Category:announcement -- posted at: 11:10am EST

The Triscast #26 - system of a downer i manage a short show to explain my absence and to share some music with you.

interview with Jack Mangan

music by VNV Nation and Pearl Jam

this rounds off at 25 mins or's commute size!
Direct download: tcastep26.mp3
Category:recommended podcast -- posted at: 4:54am EST

an explanation? sure... Hey folks, a lot of you (possibly) are wondering why the hell hasn't there been a podcast? well, cause life sucks. i've tried again and again and again to produce one but i hit a creative wall, my living conditions arent really that great to podcast in unless no one else is home, and i've been suffering from recurring Severe Depressive Disorder, culminating in a short stay in a crisis unit. yes, you read right, i signed myself into a hospital, a nutty koo koo hospital. it was only four days but hell when you cant cope, you cant cope.

so the podcast (and as well my desire to start print zines again) has taken a back seat to needing to take care of myself. i need to start managing my mental health, finding stable employment to pay off my debts and move out of my father's house and back into my own place, and just deal with the non-fun aspects of adult life before i can even think of doing anything with the Triscast or the millions of ideas bouncing around in my head that i want to go forward with. please bear with me, i'm down but i'm not out.

thanks for understanding

love always,
raequel aka systris

ps: whomever it is that is spamming my damn blog...stop IT!!!!
Category:announcement -- posted at: 12:49pm EST

libsyn cancelled my account on my for a minute..for what? my paypal info was tight yo! i hate to basically resubscribe again its a good thing i didnt lose any info...hardly but i'm still pissed...grrr.
Category:general -- posted at: 2:54pm EST

Triscast Episode 25 - Funemployment! simple and sweet this time:

I got fired! then I got hired!

ZOMG...i'm going to be 30!

music featured by :

Norine BraunBeatnik Turtle

Type o Negative post-concert review via Livejournal

Sanctuary web series

Smashing Pumpkins comeback album

and last but never least:

RIP Joe Murphy

thats it from me, see ya at PODCAMP NYC!
Direct download: triscast25.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 4:21pm EST

Whoops! it took me a WEEK to realize that the full episode file DIDNT upload HERE is the full version of episode 24! again, the sound quality is iffy but please take pity on me, my life sucks right now.
Direct download: triscast24.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 11:28pm EST

My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-4e4d814c87264c596ef85e2907bb4cc3}
Category:general -- posted at: 6:49am EST

Donation Amounts
Category:announcement -- posted at: 8:54pm EST

Triscast Episode 23 - The End is the Beginning of the End...for Now Well folks, this is my first and last podcast of the year...for the time being.

my life is turning sideways but not completely upside down, but not before i give you some podcasty goodness and some conspiracy ear-candy in honor of the dearly departed Robert Anton Wilson
thanks to the debut of the mysterious Agent Teallez and a year old interview with the owners of Germ Bookstore, which specializes in books on conspiracies, the occult and all manner cool weird stuff your mother warned you about.

oh, and also i've spent the past couple weeks becoming a Browncoat!

of course there's music involved, isn't there always from the Dead Kennedys, David E Williams, and Morcheeba - what a combo, eh?

well, so long for now and thanks for all the fish, fnord! 

Direct download: triscast23.mp3
Category:recommended podcast -- posted at: 7:45am EST
Direct download: trismaspt3.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 6:30pm EST
Direct download: trismaspt2.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 3:53pm EST &
Direct download: trismaspt1.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 1:45pm EST

Triscast Episode 22.5 - Just Hangin in Trisland Sorry Folks, in order to meet my monthly quota I had to delete the Trisgiving Episode, if you want it, just email me. Due to financial suckiness my MyChingo box is closed for right now, i'll just get the free version when i get a chance to.

BUT...i do have a fresh new batch of the Triscast just waiting for you - cause i had to get a donation from a good friend to pay big daddy Libsyn off so i could get this ep out. See, people i AM broke and i NEED some donations from good folks like you. times is tough at the Triscast Lair Studios and its just sucking on ice this time of year.

okay, enough of that shite, heres the show notes:

*Taking a Second Job at Lane Bryant * Angel Food Ministries * IntWoCreMo vs NaNoWriMo * MicroNationalism * Final Fantasy 12 tidbits * All Axis Radio Rox the Sox * Life on Livejournal *

Music by :
Venus Hum - Surgery in the Sky
Santa Dog - Rosa
BuckShot - Courtney's Love
Nirvana - Verse Chorus Verse (demo 1991)

Promos Featured:
The Vintage Gamer
All Axis Radio

hey, while you're at it, make me legit by BUYING some of what you heard today:

Direct download: triscast225.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 1:28pm EST

Category:announcement -- posted at: 8:35pm EST

Triscast Ep 21 - Virtual Bitchslap music mix! Victory against Workplace Bullies and Republicans! We're Not Gonna Take It! No, We Ain't Gonna Take It...ANYMORE!!!!!

yep, that's right, your humble hostess took back the power for those would oppressed her at work and on Capitol Hill. On election day, I got accosted by some bitch at my job who thinks she can push people around - WRONG!

then i left my job that night to go to the voting booth and ousted that bitch-ass Santorum and sent him and his ugly ass crybaby kids back to Virginia.. DNC, BITCH!

Anyhoo, enjoy my themed music mix of every song i could find (and liked) with the word 'bitch' in it! Dedicated to the pwned Republicans whom we made our bitches this election, and to all those who have to deal with a Bitch at their jobs! Fuck em ALL!

big OOPS... the link to Bitch Magazine i talked about is wrong.. the link goes to a porn review site...yikes! but then again you knew downloading this that this WAS an explicit-tagged podcast!

all of the music came from either my hard drive (thank you audiogalaxy circa 2000) or from (thank you shifty russian pirates) - do me a favor and try buying some of the music you heard here legitmately!

Direct download: triscast21.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 8:31am EST

TrisCast Ep 20 - National StapleGun Goth Drama Month This impromptu version of the Triscast was recorded over yesterday and today. I've had the week from HELL so Halloween wasn't as fun as it usually is. I detail my latest batch of drama while spinning you the Top Ten Goth Anthems of All Time (as determined by my livejournal friends list!) Also I throw in some rambling anecdotes about my life that is wrapped around the memories these songs evoke.

While you are listening, take a chance and check out these boxsets that many of these songs are featured on, as well have a Goth dance party soundtrack the next time you are throwing on black lipstick, smoking a clove or downing a Snakebite!

Direct download: tcaststaplegun.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 8:19pm EST

basically i've had some personal and financial issues that i need to focus on. i don't have the time to really do a podcast right now. i should keep it real with you. i owe money out of my ass on bills and i managed to fuck up my rent. 

i dont want to become homeless, and i dont want to be hassled by many creditors...but basically i'm begging anyone reading this. please help me out by well...checking out the blog and seeing what i have to offer. i have a great Amazon store with tons of great stuff that i can use the commission from. also i have a donation jar. even a dollar can help. i'm not allowed to solicit for the gooogle stuff so i wont mention that.

i am not podfading. i may end up with a spiffy smaller apartment after all of this but dammit i will not give up one of the most important things in my life.

if you have any advice to help me out, please feel free to email me. 

thank you and many blessings to you.

love always,
Category:announcement -- posted at: 8:59pm EST

The State of the Triscast Address This is just a mini-meta cast to let you know about all the cool stuff that's going to be happening at the Triscast!

  1. the domain is MINE!
  2. yo, check out the survey!
  3. I am now "sponsored" by FANDOM CRACK DEPOT
  4. Google Ads - maybe
  5. New Triscast Format!
  6. Slackerbrunch update
  7. Zinevox....soon i swear!
  8. Halloween Music Cast - Gothapalooza!
  9. misc. ramblings in between
  10. FCCFU!
music provided by:
AntiGuru via
 Covenant - Set the Ships to Port
from this album:
Direct download: stateoftcast.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:36pm EST

Systris Goes to the PME part 2 it took me long enough, eh? well here's more about the Podcast Expo a couple weeks ago

all music from
Direct download: TC_PME_PT2.mp3
Category:recommended podcast -- posted at: 10:51pm EST

Click here to take a survey!

i just want to know who's listening and how...not for any company, just for my own curiosity, you may win a prize!
Category:announcement -- posted at: 6:43pm EST

Triscast's PME podcast - Part 1 - traveling! Raequel vs. the PME...round one! enjoy the adventure!
Direct download: TC_PME_PT1.mp3
Category:recommended podcast -- posted at: 10:58pm EST

systris : The Triscast Podcast systris is a scaredy cat! & systris is a scaredy cat! DHL is TEH SUXORZ! VistaPrint is IREE,MON! All in 20 mins or so or your money back! featured music by queen latifah.

this is the updated file...i guess the original post below didnt take. sorry.

i'm back from the expo and have lots to tell you when i recover.
Direct download: tcpreexpo.mp3
Category:recommended podcast -- posted at: 6:55pm EST

The TrisCast Episode #19.5 : Pre-Expo Jitters systris is a scaredy cat! DHL is TEH SUXORZ!!1 VistaPrint is IREE, MON!

all of it within 20 mins or so or your cash moneh sexy back!

featured music : california dreamin' cover by queen latifah!

see yall at the expo!
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 11:11pm EST

Triscast 19 - Ninety Minutes of Madness Finally! It's the show notes (only took me a MONTH), no biggie, right? by the by sorry about the spotty sound quality...i really need to learn how to use the damn mixer. Topics covered: Chappelle's Show: Lost Episode | M.A.S.K. manifesto | Net Neutrality | Mr. Wonderful |Rogue Galaxy | Final Fantasy 12 | XBOX 360 & Nintendo DS are on my wishlist this year | |Philly Video Game Expo | Snakes on a Plane!| E3 is DEAD | Bust Magazine roxs the sox!| Harry Potter and me| Bush Countdown Clock | World Can't Wait | Bush's Last Day | | and much more :) new segments : Systris The Lonely Gal - LibbyChick - Mr. B's Reading List Podcast RoundUp feat: Distorted View | Gabber Jaw | Hometown Tales | MikeyPod on the Bayou | Skepticality | Feast of Fools Music provided by - | Myspace | (i at least PAID for that shit) music beds were by AntiGuru, The Gossip, Harry Potter Soundtrack Tunes: Adama - Show Me The Exit Facehead - Disgruntled Employee of the Month Jonathan Coulton - Creepy Doll ninetwelve - Cumhog Bungi Orange - September Theme Song - Where is My Ankh by Chris Payne
Direct download: triscast19.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 6:54am EST

Triscast Ep 18 - Love, Loss and Lack This episode dedicated in memory of Cain RavenWulf

** Systris the lonely single gal ** selling stuff at The Punk Rock Flea Market - Meeting Joe from COTTON RADIO, Addie from THE UNHARSHED MELLOW, and Rodney Anonymous from THE DEAD MILKMEN ** The Portable Media Expo is coming soon, buy a clickgrid square from me and HOOK A SISTA UP! ** Google Analytics says that the Triscast is world wide, biatch!!...thanks to all of you in many languages! **

No. 1 Fan - Andy from Tourist in The City
Jason from THE HALF SHOW
Cesar Torres from THE FEAST OF FOOLS
Sven the Shocker (fan of DISTORTED VIEW podcast)

DEKOY - Haunted
DEAD CAN DANCE - The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove


the triscast is available on : Fresh Media Works | iTunes | Podcast Pickle [no. 895]
Direct download: triscast18.mp3
Category:recommended podcast -- posted at: 8:56am EST

Episode 17 - Much To Do About Everything
sometimes i hate wysiwyg interfaces...cant cut and paste...just listen okay?

Direct download: triscast17.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 2:47am EST

bittersweet sixteen hey nate and di, here's your damn episode...done in the middle of the night, the triscast marks its almost one year anniversary the way it began...with a whole lotta bla-bla-blah
Direct download: triscast16.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 2:36am EST

a woman was assaulted at C12 in New Orleans, she sustained serious injuries and her attacker has fled...please click and read!

Violence against women is wrong! bring this man to justice!
Category:announcement -- posted at: 9:22pm EST

Drunk on Easter - triscast non-episode Well folks, I should share with you what I did on Easter, which was get shitfaced with a few dozen undead friends...check the links below for a bit more info:

Philly Zombie Crawl - short film about South Street

also I talk about tourism, gentification and trying not to piss on myself before getting home...we're talking award winning stuff here...not!
Direct download: drunkeaster.MP3
Category:recommended podcast -- posted at: 12:00am EST

Post birthday wrapup just a short non-episode giving you the skinny on my birthday celebrations, and giving a respectful nod to the late great Kurt Cobain. thanks for all the well wishes and i hope to bring you a full episode soon.
Direct download: bdaytcast.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 1:57am EST

Guess who got a mixer?  that's right ME!

a very valued friend of mine sprung for a beringer UB802...the triscast is getting an upgrade! yee-hoo!

also a special shout-out to all of you who are still hanging in there with me...i loves ya!

remember my birthday's this friday - i'm not sure if i'll record something yet but still feel free to send in birthday wishes

206-333-0308 or

Category:announcement -- posted at: 12:13am EST

Pickle Party TONITE!!! I'm going to be at The Podcast Pickle Chat Party chances are i'll get some air time...check it out!
Category:announcement -- posted at: 7:15pm EST

TrisCast Ep 15 - Scrapbook Edition guess who's back and more distracted than ever!? there are fake sponsors and real promos, interviews with friends and strangers and of course music. show notes to come whenever
Direct download: triscast15.mp3
Category:recommended podcast -- posted at: 5:14am EST

hotline - 206-339-XINE

Direct download: zinevox-issue1.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 7:01am EST

Cheney Hits Em Up! my first mashup attempt of sorts...i hope you enjoy! here's something you can play while listening!

Cheney's Duck Hunt!

Direct download: hitemcheney.mp3
Category:funshite -- posted at: 10:57pm EST

Triscast 14.5 - the shorty-short phelgmcast i'm sick the led zeppelin song! this show is about oh, under a half hour...*gasp* yeah, i know! and i managed to cobble together some links too

Promo for Feast of Fools|Phone call from Oblivion|Music by Jonathan Coulton|Zines rock on a sick night|Philosophy by the Quirkyalones|Neil Gaiman is da MAN|Balticon ahoy!|I want a Tattoo! [Miami Ink] & [Inked] |but last but not least ....


Direct download: shortytcast.mp3
Category:recommended podcast -- posted at: 10:35pm EST

check it out podcast pickle webring

Category:announcement -- posted at: 11:15pm EST

i've started a new podcast! this is a one time only re-broadcast of the launch of this new cast about all things zine! ZINEVOX Podcast
Direct download: zinevox-issue0.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 7:39am EST

Triscast Episode 14 - the first full ep of '06 here ya notes to come..i'm already running late for work!
Direct download: triscast14.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 7:33am EST

Triscast new promo here's a new promo for ya ears... and again a new comment line! 206-333-0308 new show coming soon...working on it right now!
Direct download: triscastpromo.mp3
Category:PROMOS! -- posted at: 11:10am EST

the 206-33T-CAST number is dead! due to inactive use..(thanx, folks!).i had to get ANOTHER K7 the new number is....


if you do want to call, try tomorrow for best results..i have to set up this number for right now! in the meantime, leave a message for me on Skype using my screen name (systris..duh!) or the Skype In number - 610-628-3140 :)
Category:announcement -- posted at: 8:32pm EST

New Year's Greetings from Systris Hey folks...just a short and sweet message for the end of the year..

to try to make up for the lack of Triscast-ness ...SNACK ATTACK MUTHAFUCKA! The Philadelphia New Years' Mummers Day Parade

Direct download: newyeartriscast.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 2:03pm EST

TrisCast Winter Holiday Music Spectacular! Gather up your egg nog and sit by the ipod because its time to spend the holidays with the Triscast. This over two hours of music and some banter from your one and only host, SysTris enjoy it and the day (whatever you celebrate) with it! Happy/Merry Everything! Happy New Year!
Direct download: holidaytriscast.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 12:00am EST

check me out on the Podcast Pickle Party - CLICK HERE the party starts at 8PM EST and ends..whenever...
Category:announcement -- posted at: 7:08pm EST

off to philcon just a short note letting you know what's up with me this weekend..cheers!
Direct download: philcontris.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 2:21pm EST

The TrisCast: Episode #13 : TRISkaidekaphobia! The lucky 13 episode features tons of fannish joy! go to the Goblet of Fire premiere, to Nerdcon and explore the world of 40 ounce Malt Liquor without getting drunk! Plus music, promos and the fangirly banter you've come to know and love so well! Also the triscast celebrates six months of podcasting and being PodCast Pickle's Featured Podcast of the Day for Dec. 4th, 2005! Theme Song :: Popcorn Song by Aphex Twin **featured songs Daisy Chain :: Jane Jensen Dr. Who :: The KLF Do The Hippogriff :: Harry Potter Soundtrack Somebody's Miracle :: Liz Phair Stuff
  • 40 Oz Malt
  • Liz Phair
  • Gryphon's Guide to the Galaxy
  • MastersCast
  • Harry Potter - Goblet of Fire
  • PodCasterCon in NC
  • Jane Jensen
  • Philcon 2005
  • NerdCon
    Yahoo!Podcasts|Odeo Channel|Frappr Map|PodCast Pickle|Podcast Alley
  • Direct download: triscast13.mp3
    Category:recommended podcast -- posted at: 9:19pm EST

    triscast music cast! finally the music cast yall been waiting for me, its back to Suikoden IV...peace!
    Direct download: trisgiving.mp3
    Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:22pm EST

    folks..the promised thanksgiving musicast will be TOMORROW...sorry, blame the tryphophan...peace!
    Category:announcement -- posted at: 11:33pm EST

    TrisCast Ep 12 - Just another Sunday chat...posted on a monday night Hey folks...taking time out from the killer Eagles game where they are making chumps out of the Cowboys and taking back Philly's honor (what's left of it...)...whoops, more like the Eagles got chumped...again! damn you McNabb...and screw T.O. as well... anyway... this week's episode is just a no-format chat about everything that was on my mind at the time this past sunday afternoon. check it out, folks!

    [SysTris - Hot or Not?|This American Life|Daily Sonic]

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    SysTris on Podcast Pickle tonight! go to Podcast Pickle tonight starting at 9pm where i will be one of the guest at the monthly PICKLE PARTY hosted by Nate and Di!
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    Episode 11 - SEPTA Strike Special

    What happens when Raequel is cranky, horny, and pissed off? tune in and find out! she rants about the Philadelphia mass transit strike, rants about nanowrimo, rants about reviews, rants about algebra, rants about contests that you should have entered, rants about men's personal ads! its all here...and its all under a HALF-HOUR....we're talkin short, bastards with cars and who live in cities where mass transit actually FUNCTIONS can listen while you commute! or your lunch break...enjoy! plus oldschool totally not podsafe music from Chain of Fools...mistakenly called Ship of Fools, and a special message from JVOND... check this shit out YO! and call her!!!

    Direct download: triscast11-0001.mp3
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    Go MAP yourself! The Triscast Frappr Map!

    does anyone know how to jazz up a libsyn page??? i dont know css from my a-ss! and i keep waiting for the WYSIWYG revisions libsyn keeps know what i may just move the damn blog to some place a bit more user friendly soon...please leave suggestions...oh and CALL ME!


    love always, systris!
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    triscast no. 10 --- finally...sheesh.

    finally this site is back up...the show's dated for the 23rd, but of course it took FOREVER to upload...i had to compress it to 48kpbs..please tell me if the show comes out alright. and another thing...this sucker's 2+ was one of those nights...BUT until i can get proper show notes up...please check these out...

    ****Triscast's NEW GAME SHOW***

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    My Odeo Channel (odeo/f4c5a50e7554ef39)
    Category:just testing -- posted at: 6:13pm EST

    listen to me try out the new software on yall...and i hope you hang in there while i get around to recording the next ep! UPDATE: yeah, i knew i should have lowered the music levels...crap. Tris cast at Yahoo!
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    I got my new audio software in the mail today...along with my new issue of G-FAN magazine! apart from damn near flunking my math is a banner day!
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    show notes - part two

    dave christman - Grendel's Den//Kyle Cassidy - website//Mayfaire Moon Corsets//Gothic Beauty//Sound Man Mike - yahoogroup//Projekt Podcast//The Ungodly Hour//Asongan//Black Pheonix Alchemy Lab//Dark Side Of the Net//BBC 'goth girls' suicide//Vampyres(bonus link)//Dracula's Ball//Goth Nights Radio special bonus for making you wait for show notes! i apologize for the rawness of this episode, it was way late and i was too tired to re-edit out the mixed up sounds.

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    The TrisCast Episode #9...part 1 show notes, ep 9 pt 1

    Fuckitol|Hey folks did you like Brendan's audio clip - check out the BrenCast for more!|| Podcast Pickle|Nate And Di|The Me And B Show|Switchpod|WoodChuck Cider|Tastykakes|Image of Tomato Pie|Feast Of Fools|Chris Doelle|El Nacho|Yuengling|Funnel Cakes|Tokyo Game Show|CAGCast #6|G4 Television|LOGO television|Family Forensics|We Love Katamari|Muggle Net|Potter Cast|CSDK cast|Kick Ass Mystic Ninjas"|WrimoRadio - Nanowrimo Podcast end part One!

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    Thanks! and updates Hey Folks,

    i'd like to say to all the new friends i made at the podcast pickle party that i welcome you to my twisted little world. i was working on a huge show that i put together over the's in two parts cause i cant shut the hell up already...but then again i wouldnt be a podcaster if i didnt have much to say. thanks to the libsyn blackout i wasnt able to post up the new i will be doing that once i get home from night class! again thanks for giving me a chance and letting me in on some cool podcasts i wouldnt have found out about :)

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    i would have done a podcast this weekend except for a few things: 1)my apartment needs to be cleaned and i cant ignore that anymore. i was supposed to have completed three zines by now and i i've got math homework to short, real life is kicking me ass a bit. 2)my mp3 player is on the fritz barely three weeks after i got the damned thing...i emailed the company and i hope that i wont have to buy another player so soon..this doesnt have anything to do with actually doing a podcast except for the fact that i cant do interviews or on-location bits until i get the thing fixed or well i wont even get a chance to do anything related to the show for the providence zine fest...crappers! 3)i want to do this show the best way i can, and as such the freeware i've been using is really subpar. i barely know how to use it, and it is not the most user friendly. the best audio recording software is stuff you have to pay through the nose for, and right now i aint got that type o' cabbage. i cant do anything about it right now..but it's going to take me longer than usual to edit all the interviews i did at the Dracula's Ball on Labor Day weekend. plus i've been really lazy about gathering content to flesh out the show. so there you have it...a nice laundry list of reasons why the Triscast is at a standstill this week. however, i would love to thank all of you who've been downloading the show, sending emails and audio responses, everyone who's been reviewing me good, bad or otherwise. it gives me strength to see that i'm not wasting my time nor anyone elses and that it makes me want to do better each time! *hugs and kisses* -raequel

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    Red Cross Hurricane Housing please donate anything you can. Society has broken down in New Orleans. People are suffering and dying, they need as many people as possible to give funds and shelter to the citizens of Louisiana. i'm posting this because i cant do anything else, and i am almost at the point of tears.

    Category:katrina -- posted at: 11:43pm EST

    i just hooked up a voicemail line for the me and leave a message..i just might air it! 206-338-2278 - 206-33T-CAST welcome to everyone who found out about my show through Geek Fu Action Grip...thanks, MUR!
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    If you like our podcast, please rate it at Digital Podcast - The world's best podcasts

    this just in : OMG I'm on PodCastAlley! and i got a vote! only one but still ! also i'm on PodcastDirectory! please vote! again, thanks for downloading the show and please send me feedback!
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